How To Quiet A Cranky Baby?

We often face situations when a baby cannot be quietened and continues to cry and wail incessantly. This often irks us as bystanders and as parents we end up feeling helpless. However, there are certain steps to take which can help quieten a baby. Here are some tips that can come of use for harried parents who are out in the public with a wailing child.

Ensure food on time

It is necessary that your child has been fed adequately and on time every time. For an infant to even grown up preschoolers, many children do not express their hunger openly but show it through their behavior. They become irritated and insistent, start to throw tantrums or start to cry at anything that does not go right for them. If the child has not been fed you need to ensure that the child is fed the right amount and on time. Ensure that the child has comfortable clothes on like angelic baby boy christening outfit.

Check clothing

Often babies are cranky if they feel hot. As infants are unable to state what they feel, the only way they respond is by throwing tantrums or by crying. Check the clothing to ensure that they are loose and comfortable and not too tight. When your baby dresses for special occasion like baby boy christening outfit, ensure that the material is of cotton and a comfortable one. In case the diaper has become full, that would also make the baby feel wet and uncomfortable. This can make them cranky and irritable.

Check diapers

Besides baby diapers becoming too full, one needs to check if the diaper needs to be changed. The baby might have soiled the diaper. Hence, it is necessary to check and change the diaper of a baby when you are out for long outings. In case the baby still feels uncomfortable, this could be due to hot weather which makes a diaper feel uncomfortable around the waist. If possible, allow the baby to wander free without diapers and with light clothing. That will help them to calm down.

Put to rest

Often travel and outings can tire out a baby. Remember that infants tire out easily and hence, putting them to sleep might be a good option. Even if it is not possible to put the baby to sleep in a crowded or noisy environment, you could try being with the baby in a quiet environment. Usually strangers and crowded areas can make baby anxious; if you take the baby to a quiet area, it will help to calm its nerves. This in turn will help to reduce its tantrums and wails. You will also feel relaxed as a result.