The Bride’s Absolute Guide To Wedding Footwear

When it comes to wedding day rituals and preparations, there is no bride that has no questions with regards to how to proceed on things. And just as you would find different guides for wedding dresses and hall decorations, there are also guides to wedding shoes. Below are some of the main questions with regards to wedding shoes, answered just for you!

Shoes before the Dress or Not?

One of the main questions that bothers most brides is the dilemma of which to begin with first: the shoes or the dress? The common advice you will hear is to always start with your wedding dress, because it is this that will decide the mood and theme you are going for. However, you should also know that such advice has gone stale by now. When it comes to wedding shoes, there are so many different types of designer bridal shoes that you could easily think that the shoes could dominate the mood of your outfit alone! Therefore, if you fall in love with a particular type of shoe, rest assured – there is no right and wrong to this question, you can start with your shoes first if you want!

What is the Right Heel Height?

The answer to this question is quite simple: go with what you are used to. There are two trains of thinking most women fall into, with the first being that the wedding day is the one day you should go the extra mile in effort, and the second being that you should stick to your comfort levels. Generally, it is the first train of thought that lands you into trouble. When it comes to wedding shoes, it would be wearing stilettos and super high heels that you are not used to wearing. Instead of trying to go beyond what you are used to, stick to what is comfortable to you. Even bridal flats have caught on as extremely stylish footwear for the big day, so you really have nothing to worry about. Visit this link for more info on bridal flats.

Are Wedding Shoes Only White?

Another of the traditional patterns of thought is with regards to the colour of your wedding outfit. The traditional idea is a bride clad in pure white, as a symbol of her purity and innocence. If you think about it, nowadays, that kind of idea does not really mesh that well – plus, you must have obviously seen a number of wedding dresses that have gone for other hues, even black! Therefore, there is no rule that dictates your shoes must be white: all colours are accepted!